The “Tenuta La Ratta” Winery extends over an area of 19 hectares in the hills of the Arda Valley. In order to ensure complete production autonomy, 10 of these hectares are entirely dedicated to the cultivation of wine grapes.
The winery has begun to vigorously reduce the amounts produced in the vineyard by making use of short pruning and thinning processes, and has also implemented an oenological philosophy based on improvement, which is aimed at enhancing the varietal characteristics of the vines by intensifying the extraction of their aromas and flavours.
For this reason, the La Ratta winery, complete with its wine shop and barroom, makes use of modern equipment, which serves to ensure excellent product quality throughout the year, while maintaining a good quality/price ratio. At the “Tenuta La Ratta” Winery, visitors are always welcome and the staff will be happy to offer you samples and help you get to know our wines.

A long peasant history

Through a native, ancient and pure cultivation, we valorize the great properties of our wines. Our wine tells the essence of a territory and of the men that have produced it. Winery “Tenuta La Ratta” covers a 19-acres surface within the Arda valley’s hills, with 10 acres intended for the production of wine grapes’, in order to maintain a complete autonomy.

Vineyards and agritourism

Agritourism “La Ratta” is part of the near agricultural holding: let our Tasting Room delight you with some genuine delicacies like PDO hams, meat and cheese, served with wines from our estate. Nestled in the hills and surrounded by vineyards, meadows and woods, you will enjoy tastings of our typical local products: wines, charcuterie and cheese.

Pacchetti visita e degustazione

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